Shalom Haters available on CD – worldwide

Due to popular demand, SHI 360, The “Israeli Hip Hop ambassador”┬áis now offering his latest album Shalom Haters on CD for a limited time.

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Addiction – New single from your favortie Jewish rapper

SHI 360 is back with another hot track off his “Shalom Haters” album. Your favorite Jewish rapper drops “Addiction”and talks about his addiction to the hip hop game and a passion for its music. Showing how fame can come and go like smoke and mirrors, he raps, “Flashing lights evaporate like cracks in pipes.” Raised in Montreal, Canada, SHI 360 is one of the leading pioneers in Middle East hip hop and has lately emerged as a global voice in the hip hop world after years of paying dues, even overcoming 4 heart surgeries. He raps, “Persevered in this craft of crashing mics, I had to struggle with enormous plights.” Guest emcee Daddy Warbucks brings it back to a main theme of the record, bold social and political messages that spread harmony and peace worldwide, as he rhymes, “Share love for all souls, Muslim, Jewish or Christian. The truth is a drug – we share the addiction.” Accompanied by an honest and candid video, “Addiction” brings a new side of SHI 360 and his “Shalom Haters” album.

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Addiction (feat. Daddy Warbucks) - Single - Shi 360


Jewish rap mega album “Shalom Haters”


Shalom Haters - Shi 360

“Shalom Haters” is the new album from Jewish rap star SHI 360. Teaming up with Shemspeed, SHI 360’s “Shalom Haters” is a new voice in the global Hip Hop scene from a familiar voice in the Jewish rap world. bringing information strikingly missing in today’s headlines to the forefront of attention. From politically driven songs to street bangers, SHI 360 delivers eloquent rimes over genre defying beats.