Shalom Haters

Shalom Haters is the new single and title track of SHI 360's new album. Featuring Booskills, it marks a long awaited return coillaboration for these 2 Israeli hiphop pioneers.

Shalom Haters is showing love to everyone and anyone. So…if you see a hater, you know what to say: Shalom!

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Israeli rapper SHI 360 – Forgives and Forgets

Israeli rapper SHI 360’s newest single “Forgive and Forget,” off the upcoming album Shalom Haters, arrives on the global hip hop scene at a time when the media has been astoundingly silent in response to recent rocket attacks on Israeli civilians. The song is a desperate plea for truth in media reporting as well as a cry to stop the seemingly endless violence in the Middle East.

In “Forgive and Forget”, Israeli rapper SHI 360 reaffirms both sides’ shared human suffering, acknowledging “I see your pain/I know you see my pain” and urges people to rise up against media-perpetuated lies. SHI 360’s hard-hitting lyrics are balanced by a piano-driven beat and a melodic bridge sung by Harte, a female vocalist who has previously collaborated with Killah Priest from Wu-Tang Clan. In her soulful, attention-grabbing voice, Harte drives SHI 360’s message home as she sings “I don’t want no struggles/I don’t want no lies/Don’t wanna go through hell/Just to get to paradise.”

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Forgive and Forget - Single


It’s All In Your Hands – SHI 360

Israel Jewish hip hop artist SHI 360 has teamed up once again with NU Campaign to give you “it’s all in your hands”. This new song by SHI 360 brings an inspirational message of positive change and making a difference.

Check out the official “It’s all in your hands” video by SHI 360, directed by Deston Films Productions:

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Jew World Order (We Did It!)

A sarcastic new single “Jew World Order (We Did It)” released by Israeli Jewish rapper SHI 360‬.

‏ “Jew World Order” by Israeli Jewish rapper SHI 360 sarcastically and satirically addresses the conspiracy theories of the New World Order, the Illuminati and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion with hard hitting lyrics and sarcastically taking the blame – “yes, we did it.”

‏ Israeli Jewish rapper SHI 360 says the concept of this song is for “the world to be more informed yet shed light in a fun way on these conspiracy theories.”

“Jew World Order” will be  featured on SHI 360’s new, highly anticipated upcoming album – The Protocols, andis sure to make every listener open their mind and eyes.

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Jew World Order (