Jew World Order (We Did It!)

A sarcastic new single “Jew World Order (We Did It)” released by Israeli Jewish rapper SHI 360‬.

‏ “Jew World Order” by Israeli Jewish rapper SHI 360 sarcastically and satirically addresses the conspiracy theories of the New World Order, the Illuminati and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion with hard hitting lyrics and sarcastically taking the blame – “yes, we did it.”

‏ Israeli Jewish rapper SHI 360 says the concept of this song is for “the world to be more informed yet shed light in a fun way on these conspiracy theories.”

“Jew World Order” will be  featured on SHI 360’s new, highly anticipated upcoming album – The Protocols, andis sure to make every listener open their mind and eyes.

Available now! click to download!

Jew World Order (