New Israeli hip hop music for Rosh Hashanah

Shalom friends, hope all is well. As we gear up for a new year, on this Rosh hashanah, filled with tons of new music from SHI 360, here is the first release of 5775.
2 Israeli hip hop music heavyweights, SHI 360 & Danidin blend Jewish music and hebrew rap with RnB over a soulful production. Now based in Montreal, the Canadian hip hop producer and MC SHI 360 delivers yet another consciously driven track together with one of his favorite artists from the Israel hip hop music scene. This comes to you on this special day of Rosh Hashanah.

This is a song about their personal journey and experience with life, faith and hope. Jewish music will never sound the same again i guarantee.

No matter what your faith is, new beginnings are a time of reflection. Rosh hashanah brings with it the opportunity to restart and refresh. SHI 360, the Israel hip hop music ambassador, has always brought you fresh and unexpected sounds that redefined the way we perceive jewish music in general.

“I still feel your presence / even when everything seems bleak / I laugh when I things get scary…but please don’t turn off the light. When I asked, you answered: kiddo…you can control the weather with such strong faith”

Hope you enjoy it.

you can download the song right here: Emunah Kazot on iTunes

Imagine – nouvelle quenelle ou nouvel espoir?

New track from Montreal hip hop artist SHI 360. This time, french rap.
While Dieudonne and his quenelle insight hatred and division…once again SHI 360 brings a positive message of hope.
A message of unity to help wake up from the huge racist movements such as the quenelle so intensely spreading.

Listen here:

Bonjour, Shalom, Salam!
“IMAGINE” – Voilà le nouveau titre à découvrir dès maintenant!!!
Nouvelle quenelle ou nouvel espoir?

SHI 360 en collaboration avec JO pour un message de paix même en temps de guerre – Une guerre certes très en sourdine, une guerre certes larvé, mais une guerre tout de même!

“Imagine” nous emmène cette fois un son mélodique et conscient avec un message positif. Non pas pour contrer, mais pour apporter un autre son, un narratif d’espoir… de ce que la musique peut apporter. Nous avons toujours et de tout temps considéré la musique comme un catalyseur d’amour.

Nous devons nous réveiller! Nous devons forcer les barrages pour enfin faire comprendre aux gens qu’on n’a pas le droit d’écouter dans la ville des lumières des slogans tels que “Juif! la France n’est pas a toi!”. Il nous reste que la musique pour réveiller le monde de ce cauchemar.

Quenelle pour monsieur M’bala M’bala. Mr. Dieudonné, le fils spirituel de la haine avec sa quenelle de signe Hitlérien inversé croit-il encore berner longtemps son monde pour continuer à recevoir des deniers de certains pays dont les dirigeants n’ont ni foi ni loi?

On obtient rien par la guerre physique, on obtient tout par l’amour de l’autre. On donne l’amour, on reçoit l’amour. La brutalité et les attaques ne serviront et n’ont jamais servi a rien.

Shalom Haters available on CD – worldwide

Due to popular demand, SHI 360, The “Israeli Hip Hop ambassador” is now offering his latest album Shalom Haters on CD for a limited time.

Get your limited edition copy of SHI 360’s new album Shalom Haters by clicking here:


Addiction – New single from your favortie Jewish rapper

SHI 360 is back with another hot track off his “Shalom Haters” album. Your favorite Jewish rapper drops “Addiction”and talks about his addiction to the hip hop game and a passion for its music. Showing how fame can come and go like smoke and mirrors, he raps, “Flashing lights evaporate like cracks in pipes.” Raised in Montreal, Canada, SHI 360 is one of the leading pioneers in Middle East hip hop and has lately emerged as a global voice in the hip hop world after years of paying dues, even overcoming 4 heart surgeries. He raps, “Persevered in this craft of crashing mics, I had to struggle with enormous plights.” Guest emcee Daddy Warbucks brings it back to a main theme of the record, bold social and political messages that spread harmony and peace worldwide, as he rhymes, “Share love for all souls, Muslim, Jewish or Christian. The truth is a drug – we share the addiction.” Accompanied by an honest and candid video, “Addiction” brings a new side of SHI 360 and his “Shalom Haters” album.

Download “Addiction”

Addiction (feat. Daddy Warbucks) - Single - Shi 360