Shalom friends, hope all is well. As we gear up for a new year, on this Rosh hashanah, filled with tons of new music from SHI 360, here is the first release of 5775.
2 Israeli hip hop music heavyweights, SHI 360 & Danidin blend Jewish music and hebrew rap with RnB over a soulful production. Now based in Montreal, the Canadian hip hop producer and MC SHI 360 delivers yet another consciously driven track together with one of his favorite artists from the Israel hip hop music scene. This comes to you on this special day of Rosh Hashanah.

This is a song about their personal journey and experience with life, faith and hope. Jewish music will never sound the same again i guarantee.

No matter what your faith is, new beginnings are a time of reflection. Rosh hashanah brings with it the opportunity to restart and refresh. SHI 360, the Israel hip hop music ambassador, has always brought you fresh and unexpected sounds that redefined the way we perceive jewish music in general.

“I still feel your presence / even when everything seems bleak / I laugh when I things get scary…but please don’t turn off the light. When I asked, you answered: kiddo…you can control the weather with such strong faith”

Hope you enjoy it.

you can download the song right here: Emunah Kazot on iTunes